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Meet The Purrfect Team


Nina Rae


Title: CEO

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Nina is the oldest cat in our house and our only female cat. She was born on 8/27/2016, adopted on 12/3/2016.

Nina loves playing the most out of everyone! She loves every toy, but mostly her spiky rubber balls, mice, and teaser toys! She's the most athletic of our bunch. I joke that if we needed to survive, she's the only one that would catch food for us. She loves to voice her opinions, is always chatting, and adores running. 

She sleeps on her meowmy every night. Sometimes, she'll nibble on daddy's elbow, or scream into his ear, if she wakes up a little earlier and is hungry. Let's be honest, though. She can do no wrong and is the most purrfect baby girl in the world! We are insanely grateful for every day with this beautiful Princess.


Felix Leroy


Title: Energy Healer

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Felix was born on 9/15/2016, adopted on 11/27/2016. He's our oldest baby boy. 

Felix is a bit purrticular in the sense that he only really likes fabric teaser cat toys. He enjoys spending his mornings in his cat trees, looking outside the window. He also loves sunbathing in meowmy's office, sitting on a shelf to look outside.

Felix loves everyone. He has a heart of gold and we tell him daily how proud we are of him. We joke that he's a love magnet, as he always appears whenever he hears any baby talk.  Meowmy and Felix share a nightly routine of sitting on the sofa and snuggling each other. Meowmy lives for these moments. 


Sebastian Elliott


Title: Fitness Instructor

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Sebastian is our middle child (out of the boys). He was born on 3/1/2018, adopted on 3/31/2019.

Sebastian loves snuggly naps, pillows, and blankets. He enjoys pretty much all toys, favoring mice, feathers, and teaser toys. When he plays, he loves hopping! He's probably our most entertaining cat to play with.


He also adores kittens, kids, and votes for more kitten adoptions regularly. In his spare time, he likes putting his head in his pawrents' shoes, lying on exercise equipment, and stretching on yoga mats. 

Always full of energy, and our little goofball, we love him to pieces. 


Cooper Ashton

Title: Beauty Stylist

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Cooper is our youngest cat in the house! He was born on 3/31/2019, adopted on 9/9/2019. 

Cooper is obsessed with sinks, loves his siblings (especially Nina), and enjoys eye masks. Occasionally he'll play with cat toys, but mostly he prefers human belongings and catnip. (He beats to his own drum and is a bit purrticular, what can we say?) 

Cooper is healthy and full of life, for which we are very grateful.

We love this unique little love bug and we are so happy he's in our lives!

About the Cat Pawrents (Meowmy & Daddy)

Floating Cats
Floating Cats

We love and appreciate cats; they provide us with so much joy. We believe in and encourage pet adoption/rescue. Despite our dedication, we weren’t always knowledgeable about cats. When we adopted our first indoor cat (ever) in 2016, we placed him in the middle of our living room. Then, we looked at each other and asked, "What do we do now?” Well, we found out as much as we could and asked thousands of questions. Plus, like any proper (crazy cat couple??), we adopted two more cats that same year (2016).


Now, we are proud pawrents of four indoor cats. We play with them regularly, brush them regularly, brush their teeth twice a week, occasionally take them outside (with full pawrental supervision), and spend every second wondering how we can ensure they're living their best lives. We are so grateful that they’re all in optimal health, fed well (mostly canned food), and that none of them are declawed, or ever will be. We are proud pet parents and are so thankful to have so much love in our home. Since we had to learn along the way, we wanted to share our lessons on this website. We aim to provide joy, education, and maybe even encouragement that you adopt your very own little love bug(s). 


Cats may have reputations for being rough around the edges, but in reality, we’ve never known sweeter souls. Perhaps they’re purrticular at times, but maybe they just know what they want and are manifesting masters. No matter what, they provide so much love and light and we couldn’t live without our fur babies.


We are not purrfect cat parents and we don’t pretend to be. Our love of our cats comes from the strongest source of love we're aware of: true, unconditional, nonstop love. We would do anything for our cats. However, please realize we are not vets. We do tend to keep our vet on speed dial (sorry). Generally, we’ll almost always recommend seeing your vets. However, we hope to share the lessons we’ve learned from being pawrents. We hope to encourage adoption for those first-timers who may be scared, or those scared of adopting another cat. Mostly, we want to share our love for our kids. They’ve changed our lives; they've made us better. Plus, they provide more fun than we ever imagined possible. I hope you enjoy getting to know them and see how special our fur babies are.