Our Cat Playroom

Our cat kiddos have always had their very own room. Over the years, their set-up has grown, as our number of indoor cats has increased. With four indoor cats, we spend a lot of time ensuring they have enough space, toys, and activities to keep them mentally and physically healthy.

In this video, you can see their overall set-up:

Room Set-Up / Accessibility:

Overall, our cat playroom includes the following items:

  • Two large cat trees

  • Two smaller cat trees

  • Window seat

  • Ottoman filled with extra cat beds

  • Two litter boxes

  • Cat beds spread throughout

  • Cat tunnel

  • A few (hundred) toys

  • Toy storage, bin toy organizer

  • Storage cabinet

We like their toy organizer, as it allows them to pick and choose which toys they want to play with at any time.

Plus, since cats like to play at odd times, such as 1:00 in the morning, or 5:00 in the morning, this allows them to hop up and select whichever toys they want. They can also direct their pawrents to what they feel like playing with, so they don't become bored by certain toys. We tend to play with them multiple times a day. Currently, they enjoy playing with string. Yes, string. Despite all their toys, they go crazy when chasing little pieces of string. Go figure.

Cat Toy Organizer
Cat Toy Organizer

Room Set-Up / Inaccessibility to Kitty Paws:

We keep everything in their storage cabinet that we want to limit their access to. It includes catnip, treats, toothbrushes, toothpaste, hairball gel, teeth wipes, hairbrushes, dry food, canned food, extra toys for birthdays or holidays, and teaser and wand toys.

We keep their teaser and wand toys in the storage cabinet for organizational purposes, not to limit their playtime with them. However, it is nice to have the ability to switch the teaser and wand toys out so they don't become disinterested.

Items Throughout House:

Although our cats have a playroom, let's be real. In many ways, they tend to overtake the house.

We like to spread their toys and items out because they are so territorial. Having their own choices of trees, window seats, toys, etc. allows them to feel like they have their own belongings and spaces. Thus, they can gain privacy or snuggle with their siblings if they feel like it.

Cat Window Seat
Cat Window Seat

Conveniently, our basement includes wall ledges, which our cats favor. We joke if we ever move, we'll have to either buy a house exactly like our current house or install it.

Siamese Cat Posing
Nina on Window Ledge

In addition to cats overtaking the house, Nina has ownership of a storage bench we set out. Meowmy had different ideas for decorating it. However, to keep the cats happy, they picked the decor. Nina chose the sequin covering for her side. The white blanket and white pillows are preferred by all our cats. Also, the green-unlit wreaths are mandatory, as all of the cats love lying on them.

We like to think it's our house, but most likely, it's theirs.

Cat Storage Bench
Cat Storage Bench
Felix, Tuxedo Cat, Own Space
Felix on Wreath

Recommendations for Cat Comforts:

Below you'll find some of our tips on keeping the peace in your household.

  • Have as many litter boxes as you do cats, plus 1. Thus, if you have four indoor cats, have five litter boxes throughout the house. We have six litter boxes since apparently I want to manifest cat number five. (Don't tell my husband.)

  • Have cat trees everywhere! (As a bonus, for smaller cat trees, place them by the windows as often as you can. Your cats will love you for this.)

  • Include multiple variations of scratchers. (Right now, our cats love wave scratchers.)

  • To the best of your ability, present them with high perches. (Think wall mounted shelves, large cat trees, etc.)

  • Give them items to feel secure and/or hidden in, such as tunnels or catnip infused paper bags, etc.

  • Switch out toys as often as possible! Cats love variety when it comes to playtime.

  • We love playing Cat Meditation Music, per YouTube. Usually, we'll play it in their room, or sometimes in our living room.

  • For a truly peaceful home, considering adding Feliway diffusers!

Siamese Cat on Cat Scratcher
Nina on Cat Scratcher

Is it Toxic?

Also, keep in mind the following as you're creating your perfect cat room.

  • Be aware of any toxic items.

  • For instance, you may notice, in their room, we have a salt lamp on their storage cabinet. Salt lamps are not safe for cats. Thus, we have it in a location we know they cannot and won't jump on.

  • We are very mindful of any food, fragrances, plants, etc. that we keep around the house.

  • We highly suggest always googling if something is toxic if newly introducing a pet to your home or adding something new to your household. It is so much better to be careful and safe than sorry in these circumstances.

Winter Comforts:

As we continue to spoil our cats, keep in mind, they dislike the cold. Cats prefer to be as warm as possible. Because we try to make our cats as happy as we can, we've once again adjusted to their demands. Below are some tips to help soothe your cats during winter or colder periods.

  • If you have a fireplace, place a tunnel (or cat bed) in front of it and have the happiest cat(s) possible on your hands.

  • Our kids especially favor faux fur throw blankets. The fluffier, the better.

  • Our cats also favor heated sleeping mats.

Cat Toys & Fireplace
Cat Toys & Fireplace
Cat Comforts
Cat Comforts

A Few Favorite Items:

Let us know if there are any items you've seen that you want and cannot find. Below we've outlined a few of our must-haves that we feel our cats could not live without.

Cat Playroom
Cat Playroom

We hope you find these tips helpful! Leave us a comment below, letting us know your cats' must-haves, or sharing their present set-ups! We look forward to hearing from you.

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