Automatic Feeders Are a Must (Petlibro Review)

At any given point, at least nine out of ten cats will claim they are starving, wasting away, and they probably have not eaten anything in the last fifteen minutes. In a sense, cats can be a bit dramatic about their hunger, which is why automatic feeders are a must. They are necessary whether you work at home all day or if you travel for business regularly.

Before auto feeders, I was having constant conversations with my husband along the lines of, "You fed them? I did too. I had no idea they already ate.” At times, it seemed like I was refilling a dry food bowl every ten minutes to stop big pitiful eyes from staring up at me. Despite being soft pawrents, we care about our cats' wellbeing, and thus, we knew we needed a better overall approach. Auto feeders have helped in many ways! Find more below on why auto feeders are a must and learn more about which feeder we've been purrticularly pleased with. (You'll also find a discount code below!)

How Often We Feed Our Cats

We feed our four indoor cats Royal Canin canned and dry food. They eat canned food a few times a day, on a scheduled basis. (How could we ever forget? Trust us; we're reminded.) We also have one water fountain for our cats, one insulated tumbler filled with ice water, and a large bowl of ice water for them.

We feed our cats dry food twice a day. We have two automatic feeders, which are important in a multi-cat household. All of our cats have access to their very own dry food bowl, lessening friction, and stress.

Gray & White Cat Smiling Near Food
Cooper Smiling Near His Automatic Feeder

Benefits of Auto Feeders:


  • Our cats are all very healthy and at great weights, according to our vet, which we contribute to feeding schedules.


  • They are fed every day at 6 am (yes, extra sleep for us) and 3:30 pm. Around 3:30 in the afternoon, I hear little paws scurrying to their food bowls, excited for a quick snack.

  • You can schedule an automatic feeder to dispense food at any time, so if you have cats that wake you up at 4 am for feedings, simply set the timer to this time. (Nina, our Siamese, used to notoriously yell in daddy’s ear, or nibble on his elbow, whenever she was hungry early in the morning. With the automatic feeder dispensing food, we're able to sleep in!)


  • Like most pawrents, we can’t go long without missing our fur babies when we get a chance to travel. We also want to ensure they are taken care of, healthy, and happy, no matter what. With auto feeders, we can rest assured they will not go without eating.

Fewer Demands:

  • Cats are intelligent. When cats know what to expect, why, and when they’ll get something, they tend to be okay with the approach. They are creatures of habit and no longer cry for extra food, now that they realize it’ll come daily, at the same time. If they had to pick, they would probably pick the auto feeder over us. At least the auto feeder is never two minutes late!

Fresh Food:

  • Our Siamese, Nina, used to request fresh dry food on a thirty-minute basis. She cannot handle stale dry food or anything close to crumbs. With small portions dispensed regularly, she can eat from the bowl at any time, with satisfactory results.

Siamese Cat Eating from Auto Feeder
Siamese Cat Eating
There are so many options! Which automatic feeder do I choose?

Petlibro Automatic Feeder

With there being many automatic feeder types, it can be overwhelming. Petlibro, an automatic feeder brand I've been excited about, was kind enough to send me their 4L automatic feeder. I've enjoyed this feeder a great deal! It’s nice and modern, very easy to set-up, and provides overall reliability. After using this feeder, I can see why it’s an Amazon Choice and a regular Best Seller product! Now that we have automatic feeders in two separate locations, there are fewer territorial wars, there are fewer cries for sustenance, and overall, everyone seems to be happy. If you are looking for an automatic feeder that is simple and dependable this will be an optimal feeder for you! Find out more about Petlibro below.

Siamese Cat Eating from Auto Feeder
Siamese Cat Eating

Petlibro First Impressions & Advantages:

The feeder arrived in a tidy box, with organized and clear instructions.

Petlibro Auto Feeder Instructions
Petlibro Feeder Instructions

Upon opening the feeder and plugging it in, we needed to specify how many portions to feed at each interval. (Each portion includes two and a half tsp worth of food, so we opted for twelve tsp a day, to result in about one-fourth a cup of food.) With the set-up including teaspoon equivalent portions and military time, we used google for easy conversions. The set-up was intuitive and simple; it was complete in about five minutes. Mostly, it took this long, simply because we were reviewing the new options.

Maine Coon Voting for Lid off Feeder Approach
Sebastian Voting for Lid off Approach

Once the feeder was ready to go, we decided to utilize the "feed now" option, by pressing a button for three seconds to unlock the machine and then pressing the feed now selection. All of our cats rushed to the feeder, eager to try it out.

You can feed your cats one - four meals a day, about a quarter of a cup of food at each serving.

The lid also includes space to add silica gel pearls, so the dry food is kept crunchy. (Looking at you, Nina.)

Petlibro has a great feature, offering a dual power supply, which I think is smart for something that requires 100% reliability. The app or WiFi component would usually be ideal or even necessary to me. However, with the dual power supply, it isn't necessary. If you have a camera directed towards your feeder, you can monitor that your cats are being fed as expected if you are away on travel. Thus, you could easily ask for help, should it be required.

So far, it is secure. Despite our cats trying to break into the feeder, they have been unsuccessful.

Petlibro Disadvantages:

From a very personal stance, our cats are not fond of hearing our voices without seeing us. (We tried speaking to them on our honeymoon, which upset them.) Thus, we will probably never use the voice recorder from past traumatic experiences. However, it could very well work with others. Plus, if it's a daily occurrence, they might adjust better.

Some 3rd party companies offer 3D printed products of bowls for multi-cat households. We couldn't find one available for Petlibro. However, based on my conversations with Petlibro, they are working on their own multi-cat product. (Yay!)

Otherwise, everything works exactly as expected and described and it's very stylish and easy to use. With hours of research and experience with more than one feeder, I recommend Petlibro!

Where can I buy the Petlibro Feeder?

For 12% off your order, use discount code: PC12

If possible, I would recommend one feeder for each cat in your house. Depending on temperaments, you may be able to get away with having two feeders amongst four cats, or one feeder for every two cats.

Let us know in the comments below if you've ever used an automatic feeder, or if you're considering ordering one now! We'd love to know how much they improve your lives since we're confident they will.

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