Did You Know Cats Love Glamping??

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that authentically showcase our cats being purrticular. I often wonder, are they really, or are we the purrticular ones? Alternatively, are they just masters at manifesting what they want? We may never know the entire truth.

With our four cats, we have recently had some indoor glamping parties. That is, we are referring to glamping as an "indoor camping" experience we had with our cats, including tents and a sleeping bag. Glamping of course just means glamorous camping. We weren't exactly in touch with nature, but close enough. I believe we have had windows opened, now and then.

So... a Sleeping Bag... for Your Cats?

The point is, our cats now have their tents and a sleeping bag they've taken over as their own. How did we end up in this situation, you ask? (You think cat pawrents understand why we do half of the things we do?) Well, we'll do anything to bring our cats joy.

Maine Coon Sleeping Bag
Sebastian in Sleeping Bag

The sleeping bag was bought via a quick grocery order after we adopted Cooper. He was a sick little guy, with numerous ailments, loads of vet appointments, and lots of healing needed. (Look out for a post about this, with some helpful tips in case you find yourselves in any similar situations.)

He was much sicker than we even realized when we adopted him. We had to keep him in our master bathroom to keep our other children safe. He was a helpless sad baby, just wanting friends (with Sebastian always trying to break the door down and/or stick his paws under the closed door), so we decided to sleep with Cooper at night, instead of in our warm soothing bed. We slept on our cold, hard, master bathroom floor, with a sleeping bag spread out, basically filling the majority of the bathroom. Ultimately, my husband and I took turns sleeping with our new kitten each night. The sleep wasn't awful, but I still recall the achy back and general neck soreness.

When we finally got the green light to introduce him to our other cats, they were all very intrigued by his setup. They liked his room and they adored "his" sleeping bag. Thus, now it was theirs.

Maine Coon in Sleeping Bag
Sebastian in Sleeping Bag


We ended up with a cat tent largely for Nina. More to come on that, as it's a story within itself. Also, we love the idea of our cats having the ability to go outside and play, still under our supervision, but in their tents.

As for us taking our four cats outdoors and placing them in tents to play... what will the neighbors say or think?

Maine Coon Glamping
Sebastian the Cat Glamping

Do our neighbors think we've possibly lost our minds?

Well, so what if they do? We enjoy ourselves, our lives, and especially our cat kiddos. Fortunately, we won't be changing for anyone anytime soon. We're happy and at peace, knowing we try to give our cats the very best lives possible.

Benefits of Glamping

We have had fun with our indoor glamping experiences. Despite how many toys our cats have, they tend to always want new toys, new experiences, new treats. We had their tent in the middle of our living room, and let me say, they had a blast.

Cats Glamping
Sebastian & Cooper Glamping

Generally, though, the actual purpose of a cat tent is to allow your cats some outside time, in their tents. Unless you have a catio, this is a great back-up, for peace of mind! Don't just place a tent outside, though. Come on, this is glamping.

Here are some tips:

  • In a true glamping sense, you'll want to add a litter box.

  • I recommend a sleeping bag as well, but that's just me.

  • You'll need fresh ice water in an insulated cup (depending on how hot it is outside).

  • Have some dry food.

  • Maybe even provide some canned food here and there.

  • Don't forget toys!

  • I'd also suggest some cooling beds for the cats to take cat naps in the sun.

You won't want to stay outside too long, but these requirements are based on something as short as even thirty minutes. Come on, this is glamping, not camping.

I'm Sold, Where Do I Get it?

Our tent was purchased from Chewy. It was a breeze to set up, fun for all, and with limited insanity. Cooper took things to a new level, but he was just following the rules of 2020.

Cooper the Cat Glamping
Cooper the Cat Glamping

We think our next step will be putting our two tents on our deck. Nina will have her tent, while the three boys will share the larger one. What can I say? We know how to live.

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